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admin on February 26, 2014

Lost Windows XP password? This could put you in big trouble especially if you do not have any other OS configured for dual boot and this will prevent you from accessing your files as well. But there are many password recovery tools which can be used even if you do not have access to Windows. […]

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Forgot your Windows 8 login password? How to get into your Windows 8 computer without a password? Well, there seems to be a couple of free Live CDs out there that claim to allow you to crack Windows 8 password. But the problem is that these Live CDs are based on Linux and novice users […]

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admin on February 4, 2013

Believe it or not, there’ll be many people annoyed by a forgotten Windows 8 password once this new operating system comes out, just as the present Windows 7 users. So if you forgot Windows 8 password, what will do to remove or reset the password? In this article, I describe 5 ways for resetting Windows 8 […]

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Hi there, so you forgot Windows 7 password, and now you are wondering how to unlock your computer? You are in the right place, and to comfort you up a little bit, you are not unique on this matter. There are a lot of people that for some reason forget the login password on their […]

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admin on July 22, 2012

Change Windows 7 password and now can’t remember the password? You are given a spare computer but don’t know the login password? The administrator account is locked out after too many failed password attempts? Is there a way to get around these password problems? Windows encrypts user account passwords on your hard drive to provide […]

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