Help! I’m leaving my current employment in a weeks time and am tidying up my work PC. I haven’t used Outlook Express on my work PC for a couple of years and had forgotten about it until I did some updates and it popped back up on my desktop. I tried to delete my identity but I’ve forgotten the password. So the question is how can I get in without the password to delete any emails and then ultimately my identity?

Forgot email account password in Outlook Express? Can’t remember the Outlook Express identity password after a long vacation? You’ll have a big trouble and can’t access your email or do anything. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to recover Outlook Express identity password and retrieve email account passwords saved in Outlook Express.

How to Recover Outlook Express Email and Identity Password:

  1. Install Outlook Express Password Recovery program on your computer.
  2. Launch Outlook Express Password Recovery, then click Start Recovery button.

  3. It will automatically find your Outlook Express profiles, instantly recover all types of Outlook Express passwords from your local computer: Outlook Express identity password, email account logins and passwords, etc.

This tutorial is very useful especially when you forgot Outlook Express password and have to reinstall Windows. Most backup utilities can help you backup emails easily but they are unable to recover the passwords. So Outlook Express Password Recovery is also a must have tool for all Outlook Express users.

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